Flight Dynamics

The flight dynamics results are in – and it takes a lot of work to fly the Dropship!  Unfortunately we have not been able to demonstrate controlled flight maneuvers yet.  If I can’t understand how to fly it, it will be exceedingly difficult to explain to the AFCS.

Initially I thought this may be Dutch Roll. However, we are a lifting body and my experience with Dutch Roll has been limited to swept-back wings. But it does affect the vertical and longitudinal axes.


After searching online, I ran across “coupled roll-spiral mode” which is a condition I was not previously aware of. Anyone that can build a dampening routine for this mode is welcome to contribute! In fact, based on the article below, it is likely a combination of the two effects.

Time keeps marching on and I have gotten in a little over my head with this flight model and all the necessary changes that I hadn’t accounted for.  As a result I removed all the availability on the booking calendar through April 10.

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