ClimateRight, Really?

Okay, the company’s recommendation based on cubic feet is absurd… you have to also take into account the number of occupants (600 BTU per person) and about 3.4 BTU per watt of electrical equipment in service inside the enclosure.

So we pretty quickly upgraded from the CR-2550 unit to the CR-5000ACH (being the largest that they have) late summer last year. They gave us a goodwill discount towards the new purchase but there was no trade-up or trade-in program so we resold the CR-2550 (which surprisingly retained its value pretty well).

As we got into autumn months where the evening temperatures were below 60 and the daytime temperatures were above 70 we noticed that the AUTO mode behavior was significantly different from the CR-2550 unit. The AUTO mode on the CR-5000ACH is essentially worthless.

Our first summer show (June 28 and 29) where we were taking rides all day we noticed that the avionics bay temperature crept up from 72 to 100 over the course of the day both days. The front seat in the cabin was comfortable but the back seat was starting to get toasty. Standing in back was miserable. It was clear that we needed another unit.

An additional CR-5000ACH (or so we thought) was ordered last week. However, when it arrived the unit was bigger and substantially heavier (20%) than the old unit. Amazing to me is that the model numbers are absolutely identical.  None of the bolt holes or the drain line up.


CR-5000ACH (2014?)


CR-5000ACH (2015?)

I will say so far I like some of the changes made to the “2015” CR-5000ACH unit. But why does the heat mode draw so much more power with no increase in BTU (almost 20% more amperage)? We will certainly be examining if the AUTO mode was corrected in this new model (contrary to statements made by their customer service and the manual). However, there was some damage discovered on arrival which I have already reached out to the company about.


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