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Treehouse Avatar Technologies

Another new one for us – notice of potential patent infringement with Rise: The Vieneo Province.

Excerpt from a joystiq article:

A company named Treehouse Avatar Technologies was granted United States Patent No. 8,180,858 in May [2012], which covers a “Method And System For Presenting Data Over A Network Based On Network User Choices And Collecting Real-Time Data Related To Said Choices,” according to the patent’s title. In other words, it covers a method of taking and tracking user choices over a network, a vague description to say the least.

We learned that their business model is called “patent trolling” wherein the plaintiff hires an intellectual property firm to put feelers out and litigate against firms where they identify there is money to be had.

On the Road

Took a break from construction.  Missed my deadline for weatherization tests.

Budget rental car is a joke… in Durango we waited 30 minutes to receive a damaged compact car for the price of our intermediate reservation and held $750 on our credit card.

Arches National Park was a great deal of fun and beauty… $10 for the family to get in and keep your receipt to come back as much as you want.  If you are really cheap, get to Arches before 7:30 and it is free!


Landscape Arch


Panoramic at Arches National Park

Dead horse fee does not work at canyon lands and is a waste of money and tune compared to Arches… We never made it to Canyonlands because it was out of the way.


Panoramic at Dead Horse Point

2012 Kia Sedona Review

We rented one of these from Thrifty to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Key West and back.

Lots of power – it feels like it is turbo-charged when you demand passing power.  But in ECO mode it sips gas (the ECO light would go off if you depress the accelerator enough). I think it held about 16 gallons and we were able to drive from Fort Lauderdale to South Beach to Islamorada with a couple of little trips to restaurants in between.  We made it all the way to Key West and then back to the 7 mile bridge before we had to stop for gas.

Extremely smooth shifting.  Responsive steering.  Accelerator pedal is very sensitive.

Moderate road noise – not as loud as an Dodge Durango SUV but not as quiet as a Hyundai Sonata sedan.

ECS was probably my chief complaint as the AC would freeze us one second and then get too hot the next even though we don’t adjust the dial.  However, when you demand power from the engine it cuts off the accessories.  Brilliant!

I missed not having automatic doors but when the vehicle was level they basically close themselves with the same effort to pull the handle on a regular door.

Folding third-row seats was awkward at first but we got the hang of it pretty quick.

The standard back-up sensors were a life-saver, I almost backed into a sign!

Excellent wet weather handling.

Overall if we were looking for the best bang for the buck on a new minivan I would definitely  consider the Kia Sedona.  These Korean companies really know their stuff!

AVG Sold Me Out?

Normally I am a big AVG fan and I have been getting the business anti-virus 10-key licensing for almost a decade now.

AVG Chat Support: Welcome to AVG.
Sean has entered.
You: Has there been some kind of security issue at AVG? I set up (my domain) specifically so that AVG can reach me at my company and avoid the spam filters and now I am getting actual trojans emailed to that address (two so far, both in the past 20 minutes). Or could this have to do with the AVG Android App perhaps?
Sean: I am not aware of any issues with the android app but we do not deal with it directly here it is a specific team that support that
You: I also provided that email address when purchasing your product through a licensed online retailer (like digital river, I can’t remember)
Sean: Ok yes i have checked and i can see your your details are registered to that account
You: Can you do an easy accross-all-platforms change of the email address to something like obfuscated?
You: And forward the complaint for me? The whole idea was that was for official company to company communications between us and AVG. I suppose someone could brute-force guess “avg@” but none of the other addresses are getting this trojan. It is like the perpetrator knew that it was our most trusted anti-trojan relationship, you know what I mean?
Sean: Yes certainly i can pass on the feedback
You: Are you able to make the email change easier? I have shut down and turned on obfuscated for you.
Sean: I have changed the email address on your account
You: Thank you!
Sean: Sure, no problem.


One of the marketing angles we are pursuing is education. Our initial reaction was to provide a Mars experience in the simulator since that is the most prospective place for future colonization. One drawback is that we are lacking technology to render the planet from orbit which would require additional LOE.

Venus is the only other planet anywhere near the habitable distance from the sun. We have been having talks this week to consider Venus.


Imagine yourself 3000 feet under water inside an oven on self-clean and you can appreciate the picture above.

Because if the density at the ground level and the calm surface wind landing will be a cinch.  The thick cloud cover is compatible with our rendering engine. There is plenty of atomic hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen if you have immense power sources.

But why are we there? Is it feasible to have surface, subterranean, tethered or buoyant structures of any purpose?