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The Box

Started to network computers as a summer project for school (the old BNC ethernet coaxial type). I came up with an idea that my friend Ian and I could both build our own respective ships and then fly around and battle each other.  I know we allocated some space in my parent’s basement for him but not sure if he was allocated any materials.  He didn’t get to come over and work on it much and in the end his project was never finished which made mine quite lame.

Bridge of the USS Enterprise

Started off as a relatively small space using styrofoam insulation for wall material.  Over the years you can see I upgraded to plywood (originally painted white).  By the end I was getting pretty sophisticated with a couple of computers (no networking back then), pyrotechnics, lighting effects, sound effects, a turbolift off the bridge with manual slide doors, an engineering room, science lab, and even a transporter pad (single occupant).