Bass Shakers

I have used these before and they would be great for effects like collisions but get tiring and are too arcade-like for continuous effects like the engines.


When I flew in the level D simulators at Delta I remember feeling the seams in the concrete and the runway grooves but neither of those apply to a vehicle without wheels.

So although I have an unused LFE channel I don’t think it is currently with the investment to use it yet.

Verified the functionality of the Moment of Inertia calculator in Makeship last night!  Turns out I forgot a lot about inertial physics formulas over the last 10 years but I am all brushed up again!

That being said, I already found an issue in the wind tunnel routine – the torque moment which later gets applied to the inertia is not taking into account out-of-plane degradation (force is not applied exactly perpendicular to the axis).

A big caveat for both of these routines is that the origin for the individual modules is at 0, 0, 0 representing the CG.

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