Bad eBay Experience

Was going to try a VisionTek Eyefinity6 Radeon 7870 which I won on eBay for $255!  Can anyone spot the problem?


I offered to pay $155 for it but the seller declined. This one is going back as part of an eBay case.  I have since ordered a brand new one from TigerDirect at a crazy Cyber Monday low price of $359.


My gut is telling me that we will have to run in a 2×2+2 extended configuration in order to mix resolutions but the thing I am most worried about is running my application across these different viewports in DirectX. The benefits of one application would be sharing texture, mesh, point, and telemetry information. In reality I think switching the view and projection matrices out 6 times per second will impact the frame rate.

I also have 6 of these active mini-DP to RGB adapters on the way from China which I got for $10 a piece on eBay!

I also had to upgrade the power supply – NewEgg took care of me there with a 550W 2×6-pin PCI for $40.  That is the only piece I actually received so far.  Everything else should arrive next week.

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