AVG Sold Me Out?

Normally I am a big AVG fan and I have been getting the business anti-virus 10-key licensing for almost a decade now.

AVG Chat Support: Welcome to AVG.
Sean has entered.
You: Has there been some kind of security issue at AVG? I set up avg@unistellar.com (my domain) specifically so that AVG can reach me at my company and avoid the spam filters and now I am getting actual trojans emailed to that address (two so far, both in the past 20 minutes). Or could this have to do with the AVG Android App perhaps? http://mobilitydigest.com/is-avg-security-suite-the-first-windows-phone-security-breach/
Sean: I am not aware of any issues with the android app but we do not deal with it directly here it is a specific team that support that
You: I also provided that email address when purchasing your product through a licensed online retailer (like digital river, I can’t remember)
Sean: Ok yes i have checked and i can see your your details are registered to that account
You: Can you do an easy accross-all-platforms change of the email address to something like obfuscated?
You: And forward the complaint for me? The whole idea was that avg@unistellar.com was for official company to company communications between us and AVG. I suppose someone could brute-force guess “avg@” but none of the other addresses are getting this trojan. It is like the perpetrator knew that it was our most trusted anti-trojan relationship, you know what I mean?
Sean: Yes certainly i can pass on the feedback
You: Are you able to make the email change easier? I have shut down avg@unistellar.com and turned on obfuscated for you.
Sean: I have changed the email address on your account
You: Thank you!
Sean: Sure, no problem.

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