An environmental CAS message that I see all too often – this past weekend operating at the Maker Faire the avionics bay got up to almost 100°F and we actually had a part fail (possibly due to the temperature). The pilot seat stayed cool since the air was blowing directly on them but the gunner’s station was getting a little uncomfortable.

Last week I added a circulating fan for the avionics bay. Over lunch today I ordered a second AC unit. I am also working on upgrading the flexible ducts to an insulated, lighter colored solution like the image below.



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  1. reskin Post author

    This hose is very expensive and requires a minimum order. I tried to sell it on eBay by the foot but no one was interested. If you find your way to this page looking to split an order please don’t hesitate to reach out!

    3″ Flexaust Arctic Duct 3


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