Acrylic Sheets and Gantt Charts

The project is getting a little complicated – I am always waiting on a bolt or nut and I stare sometimes for what feels like half an hour before I figure out what I can actually do in a given session. I remember my project managers used Microsoft Project (MSPROJ) years ago and the Gantt chart it produced seemed like it would do the trick. I found a free version online that can import/export MSPROJ files called GanttProject. Here is an example of the current items and their dependencies.

While we are on the subject I started looking around for acrylic sheets. My first inclination was to get a large sheet from Home Depot and then cut it. Somehow I landed on Professional Plastics where they will cut to size and deliver for the same price or less. I am currently working up an order for the 1/8″ thick inner window panes for the six (6) monitors.

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