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Battery Master

Tried to get some power going so I flipped the switch.  Nothing happened.  Cool, first time I get to work through the schematics.  Turns out it was a design flaw.

I don’t want all the current from the battery to all the systems to run through the cockpit… requires a thicker, heavier cable and increases the danger of fire, shock, etc.  So instead we have a “battery power relay” which basically feeds the “battery direct bus” when the solenoid is on.  The problem is you cannot run the solenoid without power to begin with!

2-15-2014 3-44-35 PM

Second attempt was to simply run a line from the battery to the switch and then back to the battery power relay.  Problem is because both lines are from the same system the component treats them as redundant loops and will only use one.  Therefore when power comes from the switch it uses that connection completely circumventing my intention of not having all the current driven to the cockpit!

Solution I haven’t tested yet is to have a new “control voltage” system so that the components don’t think it is a redundant loop.  My concern there is that the component won’t know which system to load without programming that into the “relay” class.

Upload to YouTube API from RakNet in C++

I couldn’t find a comprehensive solution out there and actually put the project up for bidding.  The $250 average bid made me look at RakNet again and I found out they have an HTTPConnection class!  I started playing around and I had to modify RakNet to support SSL on a per-connection basis but I got it to work!

You can get the source through Doxygen:

Drop me a line if you need help patching RakNet!

Scan Codes, Virtual Keys, and ASCII

Oh my!

Working on a new keyboard handler to support these little gems I found on eBay.  They are backlit, bluetooth, and even have a touchpad.



So the built-in keyboard handler wasn’t going to cut it.  I needed to identify the keyboard by device GUID, the whole works.  So cue DirectInput.  Still on version 8… I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?  Anyway the MapVirtualKeyEx isn’t working reliably for me so I am currently allowing configuration based on scan codes for those keys.



While we are talking about input I got the rudders working… there are like 6 axes plus sliders, POV, all that on the most basic state object!  Might have to revisit that later.  And get this, the Saitek Pro Pedals have full range toe brakes independently left and right… I am so sad that I can’t use them since we have skids as the undercarriage on the Dropship!

Work is progressing again on the systems virtualization for the Dropship.  Also, work is continuing on the first module for the floating platform that will eventually be Cythera.

2-11-2014 9-56-49 PM