Monthly Archives: January 2013

An insurance company that covers liability and property for the amusement ride industry recommended that the Engineering and Manufacturing operations (now Unistellar Industries, LLC) be kept separate from the company actually offering the rides to patrons. The new company is called Paragalactic and will eventually become an LLC probably in Q3 of 2014.

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As Paragalactic will own or lease the simulator attraction, the advertising, scheduling, transportation, and service will be provided by Paragalactic.

Unistellar Industries, LLC will have to prove ASTM compliance and develop maintenance and inspection recommendations for the product. Paragalactic would then be responsible for complying with those maintenance and inspection recommendations and creating other safety-related objectives like corrals, rails, stairs, DOT compliance, etc.

Starboard Interior Wall Frame

Seems like a simple idea but using the cardboard from the boxes that the last TV came in, I was able to approximate the curves of the wall panels and used a completely different technique on the starboard interior wall framing than the port side. It was so successful, in fact, that I have some reworking to do on the port side to match.