Monthly Archives: April 2012

Motion Tests Day 1

Weather was uncooperative – I kept having to tarp the top of the platform to protect the computer, power supply, and boards from rain.

Ultimately I got the pitch transducers to work correctly after cleaning the orifice on the rear one but I am having trouble still with the two roll transducers.

I think it is a calibration issue because someone (me) messed with zero and span settings. I reset them to the middle of each pot according to the factory instructions but I need a pressure gauge to do the rest of the calibration (on order).

Finally, the laptop wasn’t able to run the test bench, two webcams, and the screen recorder without running out of memory so all I was able to collect is this short clip. I will probably have to use the actual avionics machine instead of this old field laptop for future tests.

Anti-yaw Rigidity

Over the weekend I had some time to play with the anti-yaw mechanism. There is little guidance regarding this important piece of the 3DOF puzzle available on the internet. There indeed is a lot of force exerted on this mechanism so I am glad I sprung for the 3.5″ bore clevis mount. I am not sure that 3/4″ 5-ply floorboard is going to be strong enough (it wants to twist a little if I put some weight on it). Maybe putting another one on the back of the platform or replacing this one with plate metal would work (would have to get it machined).

Unfortunately this configuration doesn’t allow the platform to pitch down to the degree allowed by the actuators. Back to the drawing board!

AVG Sold Me Out?

Normally I am a big AVG fan and I have been getting the business anti-virus 10-key licensing for almost a decade now.

AVG Chat Support: Welcome to AVG.
Sean has entered.
You: Has there been some kind of security issue at AVG? I set up (my domain) specifically so that AVG can reach me at my company and avoid the spam filters and now I am getting actual trojans emailed to that address (two so far, both in the past 20 minutes). Or could this have to do with the AVG Android App perhaps?
Sean: I am not aware of any issues with the android app but we do not deal with it directly here it is a specific team that support that
You: I also provided that email address when purchasing your product through a licensed online retailer (like digital river, I can’t remember)
Sean: Ok yes i have checked and i can see your your details are registered to that account
You: Can you do an easy accross-all-platforms change of the email address to something like obfuscated?
You: And forward the complaint for me? The whole idea was that was for official company to company communications between us and AVG. I suppose someone could brute-force guess “avg@” but none of the other addresses are getting this trojan. It is like the perpetrator knew that it was our most trusted anti-trojan relationship, you know what I mean?
Sean: Yes certainly i can pass on the feedback
You: Are you able to make the email change easier? I have shut down and turned on obfuscated for you.
Sean: I have changed the email address on your account
You: Thank you!
Sean: Sure, no problem.