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Real TV

Attention:   Mr. David Jones

                    c/o Real TV


Thank you for your time and interest in our ATL simulator.  Enclosed is a copy of a flight recording we did on Saturday, July 12, 1997.


The people involved were:      Right seat: Wade Tripp

(he has mustache and glasses)

Left seat: Jason Reskin

(I have no glasses and do most of                                                       the pre-mission information)

ATC controller: Ian Lambert

(Oriental fellow with glasses)

Camera operator: Chip Fay

(We never see him I don’t beleive)



The format of the tape is as follows  (I tried to give you as much as possible without wasting too much of your valuable time and so that your editing people can find their way around easily):


(NOTE: for items 1 through 6, was recorded in mono, so if you don’t hear any audio try reversing the left and right channel outputs)


1.  First minute or two is with Ian Lambert working on a dock map layout that will be placed in low orbit (160km) above the moon’s surface.  The ship can be seen in the background.  We occasionally set labs like this up during the summer when more than one person can be programming and adding maps.  This was filmed on May 27, 1997.

2.  The next minute or two is of Ian Lambert and myself (Jason Reskin) in front of this ship.  The name of this protocol simulator is christened “Audrey” because Ian is a fan of Audrey Hepburn (sp).

3.  We take a peek inside the ship (note it is a contained cube with door and everything that you can see for a moment) with adequate lighting so you can see the panels and chairs positions.

4.  We take a peek of the outside top of the ship to give you an idea of the complex wiring involved.

5.  Wade arrives, so we interview him for less than a minute, and we get a shot of all three of us in front of the ship.

6.  We go upstairs to where Ian does the traffic seperation procedures and show his screen active and the communications equipment.

7.  Finally we are in the ship.  We skipped the startup procedure because of the graininess of the picture when none of the interior lighting is on.  The camera we are using is not that great for low lighting like many home movie cameras.  We did save the shutdown procedure though at the end of the tape.  The mission lasted for about an hour and included a flyby of a port, landing on the surface, platform change (passengers and cargo), liftoff and ascent, another flyby of a port, and ending with docking to another port for yet another platform change.



I can not think of anything else off hand.  If you have questions or need to get ahold of me, my number is (816) 543-1231 until August, and (816) 891-0513 permanently.  I am not sure how you handle this, but one time when a friends business got mentioned in the newspaper, they had a number available to give people who may have called the paper to find out more information.  We have a line for that as well… (816) 891-8176 which will become activated when and if you choose to use this information on your show.



Thanks again!





Jason Reskin

14500 NW 73rd Street

Kansas City, Missouri  64152


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